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Our Story...

​After a Long successful career in showing and breeding Great Pyrenees, my life was led down a different path.  With two beautiful children, I choose to become a full time stay at home Mom, and never regret one moment.​

After the passing of my last Great Pyrenees "Ch. Homestead Polar Prince" at the miraculous age of 15, an emptiness and longing filled my heart.  Years passed and my children were growing up and at the age where I returned to work. Still there was something missing in me.​

 For about a year everywhere I went, I bumped into a Boxer and would chat with owners. I bought a few books and was very impressed with the bree​d. Before I knew it,my purpose returned, and heart was filled with joy when I brought home my First Boxer "Brush Hill's Two to Tango" (Tango).                                                         

  Since 1992, I worked very hard, joined Clubs, and met many great people along the way to guide me in my journey. (Especially my wonderful Vet, Dr. David Mordaski. My biggest fan and greatest asset.  

  Along the way came my two Girls, Hillary and "Skyviews ChaChaCha" (Chacha).

  Nine generations later, with the combination of the lines, we are very proud to have nine home bred Champions. AKC BREEDER OF MERIT.  Also, another four currently showing.                                   

 I do what I love and love what I do.  I have been fortunate enough to have the time and resources to achieve my long term goal of establishing my own line, and showing in AKC, UKC, International, and Intercontinental.                                                                                     People often ask me how long I will do this. My answer is always the same...... until I am unable to give 100 percent.                                    The sky is never the limit, the limit is how far one chooses to go.​           

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