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Litters at Skyview are always planned in advance according to what it is that I need to continue a Strong and Healthy Line, one that is true to the Boxer Standard.   All Sire and Dams are Screened with the following health tests.  Heart via Echo and Holter, DM,Cerf, and Thyroid tested. Each litter is carefully planned with the goal of one show home. First pick is always held.                                                                                                          All Puppies come with complete Veterinarian signed records, including a Health Certification with a  fecal negative result.  

I will guide you through the Puppy stages with care, instructions, and advice because I love too, I care, and it is also my responsibility.     SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE INFORMATION.                                                          


My few Breeding's are planned in Advance. Here is some further information to read, prior to contacting me.                                                                         I always keep, sometimes under co-ownership, First pick as a show prospect. I also sometimes hold a second pick.                                           Due to the large volume of emails and calls, the only way to be fair is to take contracted deposits on second, third, fourth, and fifth pick. Most litters are under deposit prior to the breeding. Otherwise it would be impossible to remember who called, in what order. I do NOT have time to screen people when I am caring for a litter. 

 It is also my way of getting to know my future New Puppy Families, as they become informed and an active part of the breeding, ultrasound, and whelping. Yes, I have had many accompany Mom and I for the X-ray or Ultrasound.                                    

All Buyers are protected by a Contract that clearly states:  REFUND IS GIVEN IF BREEDING FAILS OR IF THERE ISN'T AN  AVAILABLE PUP.   Sometimes I will only take a waiting list, and contract deposits after the X-ray. I also keep a waiting list to refer people to Breeders I know, that have a planned Breeding or  an available Pup.                                                                 

  I do NOT work while whelping or caring for pups. I take 10 full weeks off, with no income coming in,  and dedicate myself 24 hours a day to Mom and Pups. I don't leave my home nor celebrate holidays. We do weekly puppy culture, intro to Collar, leash, crates, and potty training. All puppies begin to go outside at 6 weeks of age. They must be adapted to all weather conditions prior to leaving for their new homes.

 Our goal is well adjusted, socialized, confident, loving, and happy Pups. That is our emphasis for both Pet and show Puppies. When you visit the highly equipped whelping room, you will see my bed inside.                                                                                         I use DR. David Mordaski of Stafford Veterinary Center as my veterinarian. The first two examinations including tail dock and dew-claw removal, are done safely and convenient, as a house call at my home.                                                The Veterinary care, reproduction services, Showing, Health Tests, and all costs in raising a litter have gone up. 

   Included is a Puppy kit with Starter Food. First shots, all Vet records including Health Certificate, and Fecal Negative Certificate.  For Further information you may contact me at anytime.  


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OUR Fall 2023 and Winter 2024 Breedings are planned. Deposits are being taken at this point.  

Dam is Dakota, our Home Bred International, intercontinental, Champion. Daughter and Grand Daughter of our Retired Champions, CH. Skyview's Glitter In The Air, and CH. Skyview's Ena Glittering Star.

When you come to our home, you will meet Ena.


This is a fourth generation breeding.  

  Dakota is a D.M. Carrier and Cerf OFA,  ARVC Negative. Heart OFA Normal Via Echo and Holter.  Thyroid Normal. Recent Holter, 0 VPC Zero pairs, zero runs. We have not decided on the Sire.
    Possible Sire is Flame. "CH. Regal X 5 Alarm at Skyview". OFA, D.M. Clear. ARVC Negative. Thyroid Normal. Heart OFA Normal. 2 Holters, recent holter, 4 singles, zero pairs,zero runs.   Both Sire and Dam are or will be current with clearance of Congenital Cardiac Disease.   

 This Litter will not produce any DM AA affected. None can develop DM.

All of my few breeding's are planned, and all Sire and Dams are screened prior, with the above mentioned Health Tests. All Documents will be shown at your viewing.  PLEASE ONLY INQUIRE AFTER READING THE PURCHASE PROCESS.  

    We are only taking 2 deposits as of 6/7/2023

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 Grandmother is Ena, our Multi Champion Girl. Pictured in her  younger years. international, Intercontinental, UKC CH. "Skyview N LL's Ena Glittering Star".    She is a D.M. Carrier and Cerf OFA,  ARVC Negative. Heart OFA Normal Via Echo and Holter.  Thyroid Normal. Recent Holter, 2 VPC at the age of 7.  Zero pairs, zero runs.

All of my few breedings are planned, and all Sire and Dams, Grand Sire and Dams, are screened prior, with the above mentioned Health Tests. All Documents will be shown at your viewing.  


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